Tyr Lifter L1

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Stay anchored and boost your strength with TYR's L-1 lifting shoes. These shoes represent the most anatomical solution currently available on the market, allowing natural movement of the foot and providing greater power. Plus, with a 21mm drop from heel to toe, they expand range of motion and improve stability.

Key Technologies:

  • Patent-pending Anatomic Toe: This anatomical toe is designed to adapt to the natural shape of the foot.

  • 21 mm heel-to-toe slope: This slope broadens movement and increases stability.

  • Rear Heel Support: The shoe offers additional support to the rear heel.

Key Features:

  • Wide Tip for a Natural Fit: The wide tip allows for a natural, unrestricted fit, making lifting comfortable and powerful.

  • 21mm Heel Height: The 21mm heel height promotes a more upright posture during lifting exercises and improves the depth of squats.

  • Double Adjustable Mid-Foot Straps: Double adjustable mid-foot straps ensure a stable position for your foot.

  • Wide, Flat Sole for Added Stability: The wide, flat sole provides additional stability.

In short, TYR's L-1 weightlifting shoes are an ideal option for those looking for footwear that allows for natural movement, power and stability during workouts. The combination of an anatomical toe box, 21mm heel height and other advanced features makes them perfect for serious athletes looking for optimal performance.