REVENGE Skipping Rope

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Professional skipping rope with anodized aluminum handle, double internal bearing (Japan top quality) which guarantees a unique rotation speed and handling superior to any other rope.


Revenge joins the Pro 2.0 and becomes the second TOP rope in the Stamina Fitness range. It guarantees performance, quality and resistance of the materials used.

It is mainly characterized by:

- ERGONOMICS AND GRIP. Completely revised design, differentiated textures and thicknesses to make the grip firm and safe. Grip improved even further thanks to the inclusion of 6 silicone rings placed on the lower part of the handles.

- SAFETY AND RELIABILITY . The cable locking system has been revolutionized. The cable no longer passes inside the ball joint. The two ends of the cable are incorporated and closed in two steel caps and blocked with 4 hexagonal screws. The ball is replaced by a stainless steel ring, safe and lightweight.

- SPEED . The internal bearings are completely new. Of Japanese origin and of extreme quality and speed. Never mounted on any Stamina FItness rope before.

- TACTICAL PACKAGING convenient and very useful for transport. Possibility of customization thanks to the velcro on the front of the case.

It was developed with the help and feedback of some of Europe's best athletes.

The steel cable

The package contains the "uncovered" steel cable, a bare cable without rubber protection.

This is because we believe it is the most performing and suitable combination for CROSS TRAINING and fitness training and competitions in general.

Adjustment and Fixing

Inside the adjustment kit there is a hexagonal key to fix the 4 screws located on the caps at the ends of the cable.