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100% Creapure® creatine powder food supplement that increases athletic performance in terms of muscle volume, sprint and power

Creatine has a pro-energetic action and increases physical performance in the case of repetitive, high intensity and short duration activities.

Creatine is particularly suitable for adults who engage in intense physical exercise.

Creapure® pure creatine monohydrate is made in Germany. The production process, which does not involve the use of organic solvents, guarantees safety and maximum effectiveness, furthermore the production has three ISO certifications. Our Creatine is vegan, certified Kosher and Halal, Gluten Free and lactose free so it is suitable for everyone.

How to use:

Taking 6 grams of creatine a day brings essential benefits to every person's life, especially if you are an athlete.

In fact, creatine is a very useful supplement for working on increasing strength, improving the intensity of physical exercise and is very effective in exercises that require very high levels of intensity to stimulate the growth of muscle fibers.

Creatine can be taken in different ways, the best way to take it post workout is with a protein and carbohydrate shaker or after meals.