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Apes Lab Callus Guards. Fire Grips


  1. Boundless Versatility: Give your hands the protection they need on smooth or rough bars. Fire Callipers excel on every type of bar, ensuring superior grip and optimal performance.

  2. Flexibility of Choice: Use them with or without chalk - the decision is yours. The Apes Lab. Fire Grips are designed to adapt to your training style, offering flexibility and personalized comfort.

  3. Rubberized Surface with Carbon Texture: The rubberized surface with carbon texture offers reliable grip, further improving your grip during the most intense workouts.

  4. High Quality Faux Leather Strap: The faux leather strap is the focal point, combining comfort and durability thanks to the softness and elasticity of the material. The durable Velcro and the big "Apes" logo make it an unmistakable style statement.

  5. Anatomical Design and High Cuff: The wider anatomical shape in the upper part of the calf guard prevents annoying excursions of the fingers, while the high cuff offers additional support. The 0-shaped steel ring adds guaranteed safety and durability.

  6. Notch in Strap Insert: For greater glide across your wrist during exercises, we've included a notch in the strap insert.

  7. Soft Internal Microfibre: The internal microfibre protects your hands from rubbing, ensuring comfort during the most demanding workouts.

  8. Personalized and Matching Design: Each calf guard features a colored cuff combined with the characteristic FIRE graphics.
    In the microfibre part, at the top. the Apes Lab logo is present.
    Each paracallo can be combined with Apes outfits and accessories.

  9. Reusable Bag: Each pad is accompanied by a colourful, reusable and breathable bag, perfect for storing and transporting your pads.

  10. No Finger Holes Design: The no finger hole design offers total protection with a thickness of 2 mm, ensuring optimal sensitivity with the bar.

Easy Maintenance: The calf guard does not require any maintenance. If necessary, wash by hand with a damp sponge. Avoid drying in the sun after washing to ensure maximum durability.