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PROMEAL1400 g tonic (workout - gainer) based on proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, salts and vitamins; suitable both in sports as an energy or recovery ration after intense physical effort, and in low-calorie diets, as a possible meal replacement.

Tonic (workout - gainer) suitable for recovery after intense effort, with a complete and highly energetic vitamin-mineral base, with a protein content percentage double that of a normal diet and with complex carbohydrates. It has several applications, in all types of sports, in slimming diets and in the over 50s:

  • in sports as a waiting or recovery ration after intense physical effort;
  • as a workout / gainer to quickly increase muscularity;
  • in low-calorie diets to increase thermogenesis and lean mass with an adequate energy intake;
  • in conditions where the food ration must be concentrated and balanced to obtain maximum compliance.

Promeal is a complete soluble, hypolipidic supplement based on:

  • Complex carbohydrates: provide energy without glycemic spikes;
  • Proteins of high biological value: increase lean mass (muscle);
  • Vitamins and mineral salts: ensure optimal metabolism of all nutrients;
  • Creatine monohydrate: useful in diets to provide energy;
  • L - ornithine: intervenes in protein synthesis and in the disposal of nitrogenous waste (caused by high quantities of ingested proteins);
  • L - carnitine: helps the metabolise of fatty acids, uses fats as an energy source, promoting their reduction. 

Promeal, with a complete and balanced supply of essential nutrients, is indicated as a gainer, workout, light meal replacement, in post-workout recovery, and in all conditions where a balanced, light and energetic food ration is required.

It does not contain artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or additives.

Promeal can be taken by lactose intolerants, gluten allergy sufferers or those following a vegetarian diet.

corn maltodextrin, milk and egg proteins, fructose, Dutch cocoa (chocolate and tiramisu flavors only), non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (extra virgin olive oil, corn oil, soy lecithin), creatine monohydrate, guar flour, vitamin-mineral complex (vit.EC-B1-B2-niacin-B6-pantothenic acid-biotin-folates-betacarotene-iron sulphate-zinc sulphate-magnesium carbonate-sodium chloride-potassium chloride), L-carnitine tartrate, L- ornithine, flavouring, coloring E120 (strawberry flavour only).

How to use:
dissolve 2 - 4 scoops in a glass of water, milk or other drink to taste. Up to 7 scoops per day.

1400 g soluble powder.

Flavour: vanilla

Read the warnings on the label carefully

PROMEAL 100 grams
Val. Energy/Energy Value 366 kcal -1555 kJ
Fats of which/Fat of which 2 g
saturated/saturated 0.6g
monounsaturated/monounsaturated 0.6g
polyunsaturated/polyunsaturated 0.6g
cholesterol/cholesterol 0.0g
Carbohydrates of which 60 g
sugars/sugars 22 g
lactose/lactose 0.2g
polyols/polyols 0g
starch/starch 0g
Dietary Fibre/Dietary Fibre 0.4g
Proteins/Proteins 27 g
Salt (sodium x 2.5)/Salt (sodium x 2.5) 0.075g
Vitamin/Vitamin E 5 mg 42% NRV
Vitamin / Vitamin C 30 mg 38% NRV
Vitamin/Vitamin B1 0.6 mg 57% NRV
Vitamin/Vitamin B2 0.8 mg 57% NRV
Niacin/Niacin 9 mg 56% NRV
Vitamin B6 0.8 mg 59% NRV
Folate / Folate 100 mcg 50% VNR
Biotin/Biotin 75 mcg 150% NRV
B.C. Pantothenic/Phantothenic Ac. 2.8 mg 46% NRV
L-Carnitine/L-Carnitine 100 mg
Creatine M./Creatine M. 500 mg
Glycine/Glycine 500 mg
L-arginine / L-arginine 900 mg
L-Ornithine/L-Ornithine 34 mg
L-Isoleucine/L-Isoleucine 1500 mg
L-Leucine / L-Leucine 2700 mg
L-valine/L-valine 1600 mg
L-Glutamine/L-Glutamine 2400 mg