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Natural bar with a unique taste, balanced according to the 40-30-30 calorie distribution (% carbohydrates-proteins-fats) of the zone diet. The exclusive formulation of Promeal Zone 40-30-30 promotes the fat reduction effect. Its natural ingredients, all of the highest quality, are balanced and homogenized so as to be easily digestible and quickly provide energy, while toning lean mass:

  • Milk proteins: with the maximum biological value, together with dextrose polymers, are able to modulate the flow of energy in relation to the body's needs.
  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT): supplied by vegetable fats are absorbed very quickly as Free Fatty Acids (FFA), providing energy to the liver and muscles under stress with a fat-saving effect muscle and liver glycogen. Their metabolism is enhanced by the presence of L-carnitine.
  • Vitamins and mineral salts: ensure optimal metabolism of all nutrients.
  • Creatine monohydrate: is a powerful and rapid intracellular energy shuttle, useful in short bursts but also in controlled diets to provide energy.
  • Ornithine: intervenes in protein synthesis and in the disposal of nitrogenous waste accumulated during muscular work.

The Promeal Zone 40-30-30 protein bar does not contain hydrogenated fats and is suitable for those who cannot tolerate gluten (except in cereal and cocoa cereal flavours) or lactose in milk. Being a homogenized and easily digestible bar, it can be taken before, during and after physical activity.

fructose syrup, milk proteins, dark chocolate (cocoa min. 51%) or white (cocoa min. 28%): sugar, cocoa mass (dark), cocoa butter, whole powdered milk (white), emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring ; non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (coconut, corn, extra virgin olive oil), milk yoghurt (yogurt flavour), cereals (cereal flavours): rice, wheat, barley; coconut flour (coconut flavour), hazelnuts (Corylus avellana) (hazelnut flavour), maltodextrin, egg white, creatine monohydrate, strawberry pulp (strawberry flavour), emulsifier lecithin of soya (E322), color E120 (strawberry flavour), flavouring, magnesium carbonate, L-carnitine tartrate, L-ornithine, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, kola seed extracts (Cola acuminata, nitida Schott ) and guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunt), vitamins A-C-E-niacin-pantothenic acid-B6-B1-B2-folates-biotin, iron sulphate, zinc sulphate. 

How to use:
1 - 2 bars per day.

box of 24 bars of 50 g.

50 g bar in the flavors cocoa, coffee, cereals, coconut, mint, hazelnut (covered in dark chocolate); pistachio, amaretto, cocoa cereals, yogurt, strawberry, tiramisu and cookies (covered in white chocolate).

Read the warnings on the label carefully.

PROMEAL ZONE 40-30-30    2 bar. 50 g = 100 g
Energy Value /
Energy Value
387 kcal 1625 kJ-19% VNR
Vegetable fats of which/
Vegetable fat of which          
13 g 30% VE 19% VNR
 Saturated/Saturated 11 g 55% VNR
Carbohydrates of which/
Carbohydrates of which        
38 g 40% VE 15% VNR
 Sugars/Sugar 31 g 34% VNR
Proteins/Proteins 29 g 30% VE 58% VNR
Salt (Sodium x 2.5)/
Salt (Sodium X 2.5) 
0.25 g 4%VNR
Vitamin/Vitamin E 2.8 mg 23%VNR
Vitamin/Vitamin C 17 mg 21% VNR
Vitamin/Vitamin B1 0.4 mg 36%VNR
Vitamin/Vitamin B2 0.5 mg 36% VNR
Niacin/Niacin 5.0 mg 31% VNR
Vitamin/Vitamin B6 0.5 mg 36% VNR
Folates/Folates 60 mcg 30% VNR
Biotin/Biotin 40 mcg 80% VNR
AC. Pantothenic/ Pantothenic
1.5 mg 25% VNR
Creatine M./Creatine M. 280 mg
L-Ornithine/L-Ornithine 36 mg
L-Carnitine/L-Carnitine 56 mg
Caffeine/Caffeine 5 mg