Reebok Nano X3 Froning

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Nano X3 Training Shoes: Maximum Training Support

In a competition, every second counts. This Nano, developed in collaboration with Rich Froning, is designed to offer superior performance in every training session.

Versatile model for excellent support during training : Discover the Nano X3 shoes, designed to offer maximum support during your workouts.

Innovative Lift and Run System : The heel features a dome-shaped element that compresses during weight lifting, ensuring a stable base, and relaxes during running.

Award-winning cushioning : The Floatride Energy Foam compound offers cushioning and lightness, making the ride ultra-smooth.

Lift and Run Technology : The innovative midsole provides maximum support and stability to the heel during weight lifting, while ensuring comfort and cushioning for running and jumping.

Flexweave® Upper : The Flexweave® fabric upper offers exceptional stretch and targeted support in strategic places for superior comfort.

Recycled Material : Made with at least 30% recycled or regenerated materials, helping to preserve the environment.

Regular Cut : Perfect for training.

Versatile Rubber Sole : Suitable for any type of surface.

. Innovative Drawstring Fastening System

This lacing system is an innovation that makes life easier. Thanks to the drawstring, you can tighten and loosen the laces with ease. It's the perfect way to ensure a secure and comfortable fit in every situation.

. Wrap-around design and superior height for maximum stability and safety

This design offers a stable and secure fit thanks to its superior height and wrap-around shape. The combination of these two elements guarantees you optimal comfort and an unparalleled feeling of safety. Choose maximum stability with the higher height wrap-around design.

Choose the Nano X3 to get the most out of your training sessions. Comfort, support and sustainability in a single product.