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HeatGear Armor Mid Branded Black Sports Bra

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This description is for a bra designed to be comfortable, supportive and suitable for medium impact activities such as cycling, weight training and boxing. Here is a summary of the main features:

  1. Support for Medium Impact Activities: The bra is designed to provide ideal strategic support during activities such as cycling, weight training and boxing, which involve moderate impact.

  2. Practical design: This is an over-the-head model with a racer-style back and a teardrop opening for better ventilation. This design makes the bra easy to put on and take off.

  3. Elastic lower band: The presence of a soft elasticated lower band with branding ensures maximum stability during use.

  4. HeatGear® fabric: The fabric used offers a pleasant sensation of adhesion to the skin, absorbs sweat and dries quickly, helping to keep the skin dry during physical activity.

  5. Improved Mobility: 4-way stretch material improves mobility, allowing for smoother movement.

  6. Double Lined Without Padding: The bra features double lining for perfect coverage, without the addition of padding.

  7. Odor control technology: Odor control technology minimizes unwanted odors during use.

  8. Ultra-tight compression: The fit is described as ultra-tight, similar to a second skin.

Finally, detailed care instructions are provided, such as machine wash cold, avoid using fabric softeners, and do not dry clean, to ensure the bra's durability over time. The composition of the fabric is mainly polyester (87%) and elastane (13%).