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Smarty Viale is a supplement based on natural active ingredients with a very effective complementary tonic-stimulating action to promote concentration, intellectual functions and face any daily physical commitment with energy.

Caffeine increases the excitability of nerve cells, can cause an increase in blood pressure and muscle contractility, and in the availability of adrenaline responsible for increasing heart rate and energy.

The new formulation contains Theobromine, a natural ingredient obtained from cocoa and which has a euphoric action.

Taurine is an amino acid present in large quantities in the brain and heart; seems to improve the oxygenation of the nervous tissue; it was found to be useful as a preventive factor in cerebral arteriosclerosis, memory and concentration deficits.

Rhodiola is a medicinal plant that grows in the regions of eastern Siberia; It turns out to be an effective "adaptogen" and therefore anti-stress.

Some studies highlight its ability to promote the synthesis processes of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

The product in single-dose vials also contains the high-dose amino acids arginine aspartate and acetyl carnitine, useful for improving nervous activity and heart tone and contributing to the efficiency of energy processes.

The new formula also includes a Zynamite® mango extract capable of increasing the electrical activity of the nervous system and the speed of reaction to stimuli.

Finally, Smarty contains phosphoserine, a neuronutrient involved in memory and concentration processes.

The preparation in liquid form guarantees faster absorption of the active ingredients.

For this reason, Smarty vials is very practical and effective for starting any exercise that requires high psychophysical effort.

Smarty vials are indicated to counteract feelings of weakness, apathy, poor reactivity to stimuli, to improve concentration in study and performance in sport .

Take 1 ampoule 30-40 minutes before any activity for which you want to improve performance.

FORMAT 20 vials of 25 ml.

Water, Fructose, Stabilizer: glycerol, L-Arginine aspartate, Acetyl-Carnitine hydrochloride, Taurine, Rhodiola ( Rhodiola rosea L., root) titrated extract. 3% Rosavine, Anhydrous Caffeine, Zynamite® ( Mangifera indica L., leaves) ex. 1:4, Phosphoserine, Flavouring, Acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide, Cocoa ( Theobromina cacao L., seeds) ex. tit. 20% Theobromine, Thickener: Xanthan Gum, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Sweetener: Sucralose

Arginine aspartate 2000 mg
total intake of Carnitine
1500 mg
1000 mg
Taurine 1000 mg
Rhodiola rosea ex
contribution in Rosavine
300 mg
Caffeine 100 mg
Zynamite® 100 mg
Phosphoserine 100 mg
Cocoa e.g
of which Theobromine
250 mg
50 mg