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UA TriBase Reign 5 Women

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UA TriBase™ Training Shoes: Optimal Stability and Performance

To achieve the best results during training, it is essential to have a stable base and direct contact with the ground. The UA TriBase training shoes are designed to help you complete every rep, set and WOD with optimal performance.

Main features:

  • UA WARP Technology: The upper of the shoes uses UA WARP technology, which offers exceptional stability and superior resistance during all dynamic movements.

  • Additional Support: These shoes feature an external heel clip and internal heel counter that provide extra support for superior stability.

  • Responsive Cushioning: The shoes' full-length Micro G® foam midsole provides excellent responsive cushioning for optimal comfort during your workout.

  • UA TriBase™ Technology: UA TriBase™ Technology is designed to maximize ground contact, allow natural movement and offer flexibility that provides exceptional grip during deadlifts.

  • Robustness and Resistance: The full rubber sole with a non-slip structure in the medial part wraps the lateral part of the foot, offering greater robustness and abrasion resistance.

  • Maximum Grip: The strategic rubber inserts under the toe ensure maximum grip on the ground during training.

  • Low Profile: The low profile structure of the shoes offers greater sensitivity and power in movements.

  • Standard Fit: The shoes have a standard fit that comfortably fits many foot types.

  • Differential: The shoes feature a 2mm differential, which means a height difference between the heel and toe of only 2 millimeters.

  • Weight: The weight of the shoes is 272 grams, ensuring lightness during training.

  • Standard Lace Closure: Shoes close with standard laces for a secure fit.

The UA TriBase™ training shoes are designed to provide you with the stability and performance you need during your training sessions. Whether you're lifting weights, doing plyometrics, or performing functional movements, these shoes are ready to support you at the highest level.