Classic 2 Holes Callus Guards

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Why the Classic 2 holes:

The Classic Plus Calligraphy Guards are the ideal solution for those who want protection for their hands without sacrificing sensitivity and comfort.

The material with which they are made, light and thin, allows them to be used in practically every gymnastics exercise, with the barbell, on rope climbs and with the kettlebell.

The ergonomic and space-saving shape makes them very comfortable for girls.


Made in Italy:

Product designed and made entirely in Italy. Genuine leather selected and cut by hand. We have adopted materials tested and approved by some of the best European athletes.

Improving an already perfect product is possible!

To protect the wrist, a leather band with a new buttonhole has been added in addition to the plastic ring. The nylon strap has also been wrapped in a layer of super slim neoprene. We have given the Full Cover Plus incredible design and comfort in every situation.


  • Polyester strap with neoprene coating;
  • PVC ring and buttonhole for cuff adjustment;
  • Genuine leather with a thickness of only 1.6 mm for perfect grip and sensitivity.

How to use the callus pads:

The hook and loop closure of the Stamina Fitness pads allows them to be easily put on and taken off. The classic Plus can be used with and without chalk.

How to clean the callus guards:

Hand washing is recommended to avoid compromising the materials used. Do not let the product dry in the sun after washing.