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Grid Roller 2.0 TriggerPoint

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Featuring a hollow core design, the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller is comprised of a patented multi-density foam surface to deliver firm compression on tight muscles, knots and knots. Proprietary Distrodensity zones replicate the feel of a massage therapist's hands, which help promote the flow of blood and oxygen, key nutrients needed to repair muscles. Ideal for beginners to advanced rollers, the GRID foam roller releases muscle soreness and tension, improves mobility and increases circulation to help users move and feel better.

TriggerPoint empowers people of all lifestyles to move and feel better. TriggerPoint designs and develops innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist's hands, making its foam rollers, hand rollers, massage sticks and balls ideal for individuals of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities.


  • The three-dimensional surface allows tissues to aerate as you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen, the nutrients needed to repair muscles
  • Distrodensity's proprietary zones replicate the feel of a masseur's hands
  • Rigid, hollow core hand-wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers
  • 26 inch length can accommodate larger bodies or provide a more stable surface
  • For beginners to advanced rollers
  • Standard density, 26 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Colors: orange, black, pink